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Australian PR

Starting back in mid 2015 , when I came to Overseas Advisers, with a lot of apprehensions, as was not really sure of the success rate in getting PR visas. I met the girl called ‘Neha’ initially, who happened to have impressed me with her exceptional marketing skills and quite honestly boosted a kind of confidence that getting a PR is not that difficult, and its worth taking a chance at least. Then i registered myself, keeping in consideration that its not the full fee in one go, and I have to pay accordingly with the varied steps of success ahead.

Then I was assigned a case manager called ‘Anup’, who was quite efficient in understanding the insight of my case and documentation. With his confidence and past experience, I was quite relaxed in terms of my documentation and assessment , as in his case it used to go without saying, as he was handling it quite well. He however, has left your organization some time back, and got me a lot worried, as I was not even aware of what and where developments were going on. Which led to a lot discrepancies with the management and me.

Then came a quintessential person in picture called ‘Gunjan’, who I was really apprehensive about, initially that whether she will be as good as Anup or not. But to my surprise she came out to be amazingly outstanding and a Do-er rather than a talker. The finesse with which she handled the case was second to none. The best quality she got is her ability to break the ice with her soft and friendly demeanor in all adverse situations. She converted discrepancies to destinations. And proudly, it was a pleasure getting her work support all through.

To sum, it was great dealing with you guys at Overseas Advisers. And a big Thank-you for getting it possible.


Thanks and Regards,
Anurag Gupta

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