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Alberta Provincial Nominee Program

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If you are thinking about Alberta immigration, you should consider the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP).
Successful applicants will receive an Alberta Provincial Nomination Certificate, which will speed-up the Canadian Immigration Permanent Resident card application process.
Individuals nominated by the Alberta government, together with their spouse/common-law partner and dependent children, can apply for a permanent resident card through Canadian Citizenship and Immigration as a Provincial Nominee.

Under the AINP, you must qualify under one of the following streams:
•Skilled worker
•International graduate
•Semi-Skilled Worker
•Self-Employed Farmer

Skilled worker
Business immigration applicants must:
•show in the application that you are able to and intend to live permanently in Alberta.
•have related education, training, previous work experience, and any Alberta licensing needed for the position and to meet AINP criteria.
•provide a copy of your valid work permit if you are already working in Alberta.
•provide proof of your legal status in your country of residence only if you are not currently working in Alberta.

International graduate

Graduate applicants must:
•show in the application that you are able to and intend to live permanently in Alberta.
•have obtained a diploma, degree, or have completed a graduate level program from a publicly funded community college, trade/technical school or university in Alberta or Canada, or at a private institution in Alberta authorized by provincial statute to confer degrees.
•have graduated from a Canadian educational program that was a minimum of two years in length at the undergraduate level or a minimum of one year at the graduate level.
•have a current and valid post-graduation work permit issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
•show that your job with your Alberta Employer is related to your field of study in Alberta or Canada.
•have six months of full-time work experience with the same Alberta Employer on a post-graduation work permit before you apply with the Alberta Employer to the AINP.
Semi-skilled worker
Skilled worker applicants must:
•be currently working in Alberta on a work permit for an eligible AINP Semi-Skilled Occupation.
•show that you have completed a minimum of high school education.
•make sure you meet additional criteria required for your industry:
Food and Beverage Processing
Hotel and Lodging
Long-Haul Trucking

Skilled tradesperson applicants must:
•intend to and be able to live and work permanently in Alberta.
•have an Alberta Qualification Certificate in a compulsory or optional trade.
•have an AINP invitation letter from AIT.
•be residing in Alberta at the time of application and show that you have a valid work permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) in the trade in which you are certified.
•show, at the time of application, that you are either currently working in your trade for an Alberta Employer or have previously worked in your trade with an Alberta Employer for a minimum of six months in the past two years.

Engineer applicants must:
•be currently residing in Alberta.
•intend to and be able to live permanently in Alberta.
•provide evidence of related education/training and experience as an engineer, designer or drafter.
•be currently working or have worked within the last two years in Alberta either directly or on contract for one of the following:
a recognized, reputable and well-established Alberta Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) Company; and/or
an Alberta company that is a member of the Consulting Engineers of Alberta.
Your occupation in Alberta must be on the AINP Strategic Recruitment Stream – Engineering Occupations List.

Self-Employed Farmer
Applicants must:
•prove that you have farm management skills shown by financial documentation of your existing farm business, documentation of your education, training and work experience
•have a proposed business plan for the farming enterprise you are considering in Alberta
•have proof that a Canadian financial institution is willing to finance your proposed farming business.
•have sufficient financial resources to develop a sustainable farming operation.
•be able to invest a minimum of CDN $500,000 of equity in a primary production farming business in Alberta.
•provide documents that demonstrates you have a minimum net worth of CDN $500,000 or confirmation that you have access to a similar amount of funds from other sources.
•invest in a primary production farming business in Alberta.
If you are an employer, business owner, investor, skilled worker, or a student looking for more information about Albert immigration under Alberta’s Provincial Nominee program, please fill out an enquiry form or contact us directly!

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