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An Overview of Immigration Options

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The number one reason people usually have for moving to Canada is to secure a better future for themselves and their kids. A better future apart from the safe and well-governed Canadian environment also includes securing a good job. As a foreign worker, you not only need to get a good job, but you also need to be authorized to work in Canada. There are two options for working legally in Canada. You can either travel to Canada on a temporary Canada visa and apply for a work permit or you can become a permanent resident of Canada.

Temporary Immigration
Now a quick word on terminology about Canadian visas. The term “work permit” is not officially used in Canada. You need to obtain an Employment Authorization (EA), and then travel to Canada on a visitor’s visa. In order to obtain the EA you must have a job offer in Canada, which should be validated by the Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC). This means, generally speaking, that your employer has to prove that your position could not be filled by a Canadian citizen or resident. The validation process is usually somewhat complicated unless you are one of the following: a Software professional, a member of the Youth Exchange Program or a Spouse of Highly

Skilled Temporary Worker.
There are also special programs for Live-in Caregivers and Foreign Tour operators. For more information on these latter two categories contact your local Canadian Consulate or Embassy, since Canada Visa Facilitation does not deal with these programs. Canada Visa Facilitation is not a recruitment agency and we are unable to assist you in finding a job offer in Canada. Please review the following career sites on-line: Careerclick.com, CanadianCarriers.com, canadajobs.com. It is important to keep in mind that all temporarily workers are considered visitors of Canada. This means that you are there only temporarily and are expected to leave after your employment is terminated. Therefore if you are thinking of moving to Canada permanently, you should consider gaining permanent resident status in Canada. For that there are several options.

Permanent Immigration
The Independent Category, which is covered in this guide is the most popular category and is the most straightforward option for most people. Generally it is important to show that you have experience in an occupation that is on the Canadian Occupations List. If you gain sufficient points on the points system, have visited Canada, and looked for suitable employment, this will go a long way to making sure that the application will be successful. Canada Visa Facilitation can prepare your immigration application, and help in other ways to maximise your likelihood of success in obtaining a Canadian visa.
Entrepreneurs and the Self-Employed, are welcome in Canada. In most cases business people would have to meet the more onerous requirements of the entrepreneur category. There are only a limited number of occupations that would be considered under the self-employed category, such as an artist, writer, and a few others.
A Close Relative such as a spouse, children, mother or father can normally gain a Canadian visa by being sponsored by a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident. Generally, the sponsor would need to show sufficient funds to look after their relative, and guarantee to refund any welfare benefits paid to the relative in the ten years following entry to Canada.
The Investor Category based on an investment of Can$250,000 is probably best avoided for most people. It is a poor investment, and some programmes entail some risk of losing one’s investment. It has the advantage that if one does have this sort of funds, and has business experience it can be a quick and relatively easy way of gaining entry to Canada

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