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Immigration Belgium

Belgium the country with high rich economy is favoured by many peoples from all over the world to live. People finding it as the best country in the World to Live, Visit and Work. As day by day the country is reaching it’s peak, the day by day tourist attraction is there.

Belgium is one of the Worlds most popular destinations to Live, Work and Study abroad.  Belgium is one of the most stable country in West Europe and is one of the best country in the World to work in. The country is famous for it’s manufacture of excellent transportation infrastructure of ports, canals, railways, and highways to integrate its industry.

Different options to visit Italy Belgium:-

  • Study Permit
  • Family Class
  • Tourist Visa
  • Work Permit
  • Permanent Residency
  • Temporary Residence
  • Airport transit visa
  • Short-stay Schengen visa
  • Long-term visa

Live in Belgium

Belgium has a temperate maritime climate influenced by the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean, with cool summers and moderate winters which makes the tourist attract. A world class working and manufacture system attracts people to move and reside in Belgium as a permanent resident.

Immigrate to Belgium

A citizen of any country other than a Member State of the European Union who intends to reside in Belgium for a period longer than 90 days, or for a succession of periods totalling more than 90 days per six months, must first obtain a temporary residency visa.

A citizen of a European Union Member State is granted a temporary residence permit valid for three to five months, which may then be renewed. EU nationals must register with the Belgian Social Security system to work and stay long-term.

Belgium Residency

Once you plan to live in Belgium long term, you may be eligible to apply for Belgian citizenship or long-term residence, although each permit type offers different advantages. After five years’ uninterrupted living in Belgium, EU/EEA/Swiss nationals acquire permanent residence automatically, while non-EU/EEA citizens can apply for EU long-term residence. If you hold a Blue Card from another EU-member state, and have lived elsewhere in the EU for a five-year period, this will also make you eligible for long-term residence in Belgium. You can also apply for Belgian nationality.

Foreigners working in Belgium, seasonal workers, students enrolled in full-time education for a full academic year, or those who wish to live in Belgium are considered to be residents. Residents require a permit or certificate of registration.

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