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Business Visa Immigration Service

If you are looking for an opportunity in overseas investment, then you are on the right page. We will do our best to get you the investor visa to the country of your choice.

Start-Up / Entrepreneur Visas

It is a temporary immigrant visa, or we can say- a conditional permanent resident visa which allows an entrepreneur to start or continue his business in a foreign country. This visa can later be converted to a permanent residency (green card) after a specific time-period if certain conditions are met. The requirements, fees and processing times vary, depending on the country you are applying for.

Some of the countries which have recently implemented specific visas for entrepreneurs and start-up founders include:


Australia was one of the first countries to allow for an entrepreneur visa. There are number of categories for business owners & recently a new category called Business Innovation and Investment Visa was added that involves innovative start-ups.

United Kingdom

Three visa options are available for entrepreneurs and start-ups founders depending on their situation and the length of their stay.

1) The Entrepreneur Visa
2) The Graduate Entrepreneur Visa
3) The Prospective Entrepreneur Visa.


As per the source of funding the business-owner(s) has/have obtained to finance their business, the rules & funding requirements can vary in CANADA for the Entrepreneurs and start-ups founders.

New Zealand

Since March 2014, the entrepreneurs and start-ups founders have a new option – Entrepreneur Work visa. It works in two steps: 1) The settlement in the country and launch of the business. 2) To be able to stay in the country on the visa, the entrepreneur(s) needs to develop the business after the first year stay.

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Investors Visas

This visa is for the person who wants to make a designated investment into a foreign business or state (territory) & maintain the business & activity in that country later on. For each country, there are some specific criteria that a person needs to fulfil in order to get an investor visa which typically involves- minimum investment funds, business experience, and maximum age & settlement funds etc. This visa can help a person in getting permanent residency in the country. If you are thinking of making an investment in any foreign country, Singapore can assist you with immigration, citizenship, residency & Visa filing.

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