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Visa Immigration Consultants – Visa Services in Delhi

Any query related to Visa application or Visa Filing, we can be at your service

Permanent Residency (PR) Visas

  • To work & settle overseas on permanent basis, you need a PR & we at CN are best in offering variousservices related to PR visas as well as immigration.
  • A family or an investor who want to apply for a PR visa as well as any skilled & professional candidate can avail our services to understand the requirements of visa& also file their case with us.

Work Visas

  • If you are looking for a job in abroad & you are sure of employer or country you should opt for, you can contact us.
  • We will generate your report which will ensure you that get the best employer as well as the job in demand which will increase your chances of success in future.
  • Contact us today to avail our best services.

Study Visas

  • To apply for a student visa as well as to get information about various courses suitable for you in the country of your choice, contact CNtoday.

Tourist Visas

  • Are you planning for a trip to some foreign country?
  • Any query related to the trip, we can help. We deal with all categories of visa & by far, we have served our clients to the best.

Dependent Visas

  • Applying for your spouse & children?
  • We can get you a dependent visa without any complication as we understand the visa rules to the best & we make sure that you fulfill all the requirements before filing the case.
  • We have more than 15 years of experience in this filed & we provide detailed information & guidance in making a successful application.

Settlement Visas

  • If you are eligible to apply for a settlement visa, then we can help you at our best by making a complete study of your profile & understanding your requirements to the fullest.
  • We have a team that will assist you through the entire process of visa filing & will guide you through each step.


  • You don’t need to worry about even a single thing as we will take care of each & every detail. Once you put your trust on us, it becomes our responsibility to help you through all means.
  • We do understand the importance of your query & we are here to serve you with our best expertise.

Visa types in different countries

US Visa Types

Business and Tourism B1/B2

For adult applicants, the United States offers a ten-year, Multiple Entry Visa. Most applicants applying for a non-immigrant visa are visitors for business (B1) or tourism (B2) & these two categories of visa are usually issued together as a B1/B2 visa.

Students and Exchange Visitors

For adult applicants, the United States offers a ten-year, Multiple Entry Visa. Most applicants applying for a non-immigrant visa are visitors for business (B1) or tourism (B2) & these two categories of visa are usually issued together as a B1/B2 visa.

Academic Students (F1, F2)

F-1 visas are pre-requisite for those students who are planning to pursue degrees in full-time academic programs for bachelors, masters or doctoral programs.

Non-Academic Students (M1, M2)

M-1 visas are for students who want to pursue non-academic or vocational studies. Such programs are usually of short duration and lead to professional or vocational certification rather than an academic degree.

Exchange Visitors (J1, J2)

J-1 visas are for participants in exchange or trainee programs including university professors, researchers, post-doctoral fellows and trainees.

H/L Visas

Specialized Workers (H1-B, H-4)

H visas are for skilled temporary workers in a specialty occupation to fill vacancies in the United States.

Intra-Company Transfers (L-1, L-2)

L visas are for intra-company transference who, within the three preceding years, have been employed abroad continuously for one year, and who will be employed by a branch, parent, affiliate, or subsidiary of that same employer in the U.S.


  • Children visas (L2) and individual L visas (L1B and L1A individuals)
  • Crew Members (C1/D)
  • Trainee (H-3)
  • Media and Journalists (I)
  • Extraordinary Ability (O-1, O-2)
  • Artists, Entertainers and Athletes (P-1, P-2, P-3)

Australia Visa Types

Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457) visa allows skilled workers to work in their nominated occupation for their approved sponsor for up to four years by travelling to Australia.
Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) visa is for points-tested skilled workers who are not sponsored by an employer or family member or nominated by a state or territory government. It allows a person to live & work in Australia as a permanent resident.
Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa (subclass 888)visa allows a person to continue his own and manage a business in Australia (the Business Innovation stream). Also, he can continue business and investment activity in Australia (the Investor stream and the Significant Investor stream).

Visitor visa (subclass 600)visa lets you visit Australia either just for the purpose of simple visit or business purposes & is valid up to 3, 6 or 12 months

Temporary Work (Long Stay Activity) visa (subclass 401)Visa allows you to come to Australia on a temporary basis to:

  • Work in a skilled position under a staff exchange arrangement (the Exchange stream)
  • Participate in high-level sports competitions (the Sport stream)
  • Do full-time religious work (the Religious Worker stream)
  • Do full-time domestic work in the household of certain senior foreign executives (the Domestic Worker (Executive) stream).

Higher Education Sector visa (subclass 573) visa allows you to stay in Australia to study a full-time higher education course.
For information on different types of visas available in other countries such as: Germany, New Zealand, Canada, Denmark, and Singapore – contact us!

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