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Australia’s Warm and Alluring Climate, with it’s vastly amazing Landscapes, Growing Economy and Stable Political system, combined with it’s quality of living, make it the reason why so many people from India have come to this Exciting Country, In the middle of the Indian Ocean it is the Crown Jewel of Asia and one of the best Countries in the World to Live, Visit and Work.

Australia is one of the Worlds most popular destinations to Live and Work abroad. In the centre of the Indian Ocean Australia’s rich landscapes, low cost of Living and Ever growing Economy are just a few of the reasons why many choose Old Oz as their most preferred Country to go to. Australia’s growth has slowed this year in 2014 but is overall one of the most stable Countries in Asia and is one of the best Countries in the World to work in.

Different options to visit Australia include:-

  • Study Permit
  • Visitor Visa
  • Family Class
  • General Skilled migrant Program
    1. Skilled Independent Category
    2. Skilled Sponsored
    3. Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa
  • Business Skills category
    1. Business Investor Category
    2. Business Owner Category
    3. Business Executive Category

Live in Australia

Australia is best know for it’s Scenery and amazing locations. This is also one of the reasons why Australia has some locations of popular Movies, such as: ‘Brokeback Mountain’ ‘Australia’ ‘Animal Kingdom’ and many more. A world class education system and Living style attracts people to move and reside in Australia as a permanent resident.

Immigrate to Australia

Australia has a growing population that currently stands at over 22 Million. It is one of the most poplar Countries for Indian people to work in. Australia have a higher standard of living, from medical care, education system, housing, transport and the list never ends.
The Min Wage in Australia is $16.88 give or take. Making it one of the best paying countries not only in Asia but in the World.

Australian Residency

Number of people from India Migrating to Australia varies for different reasons. Australia has and offers many Job opportunities. Students from India may be enrolled in some of the best Australian Universities for much better and stable Education. There are a wide range of people from India that live in different Cities around the Asian Country of ‘Old Oz’ Australia.

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