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The lucrative life style, variant opportunities, & immense natural beauty make New Zealand one of the most preferred destinations for aspiring immigrants. The country has its own variety of landscape within its small area (as compared to other continents) i.e. golden beaches with blue seas as well as ice covered mountains. Even in comparisons on standard of living, life expectancy, education, literacy, the country comes in top most ranks by defeating others. Because of the low corruption ratio, the country is considered to be safe.

Career opportunities

There are many openings for specialists in industries such as medicine, engineering and IT. But there are also opportunities to contribute more generalist skills.

There are 11 key areas of work where skilled workers are definitely needed in New Zealand in 2013 and going forward:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Health technology
  3. Information technology
  4. Agriculture and forestry
  5. Construction
  6. Education
  7. Engineering
  8. Science
  9. Oil and gas
  10. Tourism and hospitality
  11. Business and finance

Balance business plus pleasure

Imagine a place where you can work to the highest professional standards plus you can relax on a beach, hike through beautiful native bush, or just chill with family and friends in your back garden over a fine New Zealand wine.That’s what you can look forward to when you bring your skills to New Zealand.

Living in New Zealand

New Zealand lifestyle is amazing. In fact, it is the main attraction for people immigrating to New Zealand. You’ll feel at home here and free to live the life you want. Feel at ease in the large happy and violence-free country. People here enjoy a healthy work life balance – some say the best in the world

Why Immigrate to New Zealand

There are many openings for specialists in industries such as medicine, engineering and ITand also opportunities to contribute more generalist skills. If you are offered a job which appears on a skill shortage list and you have the qualifications, getting a work visa will be easier.

Emigrants in New Zealand

There are many emigrants in New Zealand. The first Indian migrants in New Zealand were from Punjab and Gujarat. Most of the emigrant went to New Zealand to support their families in India. Today many emigrant call New Zealand as their home.

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