Seeing Priyanka Chopra wearing a shiny golden dress walking around in London.

Jopra wore a dress full of texture and color. The golden color palette of the skirt changes from dark to light, because the layer of the skirt highlights the fabric. The tight corset highlights the deep V -neckline, which will only make the outline more obvious. The combination of sequins, lace and satin creates a charming effect.

The actress chose straight hair from the middle, and the red lipstick emphasized her bold charm. In terms of accessories, she chose a golden ring and bracelet and a drooping pearl earrings.

In order to coordinate with her jewelry, the Indian star chose metal golden shoes. The fine heels increased the shape at least 3 inches, creating eternal beauty, and lengthening her outline.

Chopra’s style library includes a bold appearance. Many of them are attributed to fashion designers Law Roach. He planned fashion moments for Zendaya, Celine Dion and Kerry Washington. The two cooperated to create an unforgettable shape, such as the black and white dress designed by Robert Wun for the Bulgari “Eden Miracle Garden” event.

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