Phoebe Gates uses clever night dressing methods at the opening ceremony of the production company OBB Studios. The activity included Justin Bieber’s performance, and the Rhodes -beauty cosmetic activity attended by Hayley Bieber himself.

In the new Instagram Stories post released on Saturday night, the 20 -year -old influence was wearing a sharp black mini skirt. Gates took a group photo with his friend Alix Earle and Sophia Kianni, wearing open -shoulder mini skirts, and a hollow arc design on the upper body. This fashionable item is paired with bright pink leather Valentino cross -body handbags to create a dynamic and popular color.

Speaking of shoes, Gates’s shoes are very avant -garde: a pair of dew heels, covering various pyramid rivets on it. The pointed toe protrudes this punk style. The 4 -inch fine heels provide Gates with a stylish appearance, so that Gates’s height has soared.

Gates’s fashionable moment followed closely, and she and her boyfriend Robert Ross spent the romantic New Year’s night this year. At that time, she wore a red back mini skirt in barefoot.


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Gates has become a star in the fashion industry, especially when participating in Aje, Alice + Olivia, Michael Kors, and Valentino’s fashion moon show this season. The social stream is often wearing neutral high -heeled or thick sandals on formal occasions, from top brands such as Christian Louboutin. At get off work, people also found Gates wearing low -gang Louis Vuitton and GOLDEN Goose sneakers.


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