In the first glance of ABC’s “Internship Gray” Season 19, the stars in the medical drama are dressed in formal clothes. In order to shoot a promotional video, Ellen Pompeo chose Stella McCartney.

Surrounded by other actors, Pompeo wore a white sleeveless Falabella chain top and put it into a garnet -style matte red campaign.


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In terms of accessories, the 53 -year -old fashionista adopts minimalist style, wearing several personalized rings, a thick silver chain necklace and shiny triangular diamond earrings every one finger. As for her hair, Pompeo’s long golden hair is separated from the middle, and the beach curly hair looks fluffy.

Pompeo completed her dress with a naked and high -headed shoe, which made her a few more inches more. When it comes to shoes, Pompeo’s taste is always versatile and classic. In formal occasions, you can often see TV doctors wearing high -heeled shoes, ankle boots, heels and lace -up sandals with top -level brands such as Jimmy Choo or Alevi Milano. During the vacation, Pompeo usually goes out in sports shoes and “ugly” sandals, and the colors of sandals are also diverse.

With the launch of the 19th season of “Internship Gile”, many fans have begun to raise various speculations about the development of the show. Conversely, POMPEO often explains these fan theories and more content in the podcast “Tell Me” who cooperates with Cadence13 studio. The actress launched her first episode on September 29, and she had a in -depth dialogue with celebrities. Pompeo is also a blunt activist of Hollywood women’s equal pay, social justice, voting rights, and women’s rights. Pompeo is widely known for playing Dr. Mearedi Grey in this play.


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