Emma Roberts (maybe I am willing “to promote her latest movie” Maybe I am willing “to bring a chic style to New York City. The romantic comedy starring Luke Bressei, Dian Keton, Richard Kir, Susan Sarandon and William H. Messi will be released on January 27.
Designed by Brit and Kara Elkin, the “online lady” star wore a full black clothing on Wednesday night and left Manhattan’s “live broadcast”. Her suit is characterized by silk -back tops, with fine shoulder straps and transparent sleeves on it, elegantly decorated with a large layered rose knot. This flower declaration consists of a sharp black pants and a lapel coat. The circular diamond earrings of the Paris brand Yvonne Leon drew the finishing touch for her overall shape.

The “Holiday” star’s dress is paired with a set of pointed shoe. Her triangular toe set seemed to be made of smooth fluffy leather, with curved upper and 4 -inch fine heels. This set adds a bright and delicate effect to her as a whole, while maintaining neutrality, making her texture and accent shine.

Earlier, Roberts also claimed red monochrome for the movie shown on Tuesday night at the Cross Bida -Street Hotel. When attending the event, the actress was wearing the scarlet Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini dress, paired with high -heeled sandals and glittering Fred Leighton jewelry.
Roberts’s shoes are usually changed between Bohemian style, modern style and avant -garde style. At get off work, the “Adult World” actress’s shoes from Ferragamo thick base sandals to UGG boots, preferred relaxation and comfort. However, she often wore a variety of styles, including Valentino and Alexander McQueen Chelsea boots, Frankie4 sandals and Gucci Mueller shoes. When walking on the red carpet, she often wore boots such as neutral or decorative high -heeled shoes, lace -off sandals and brands from CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN, PRADA and Chloe Gosselin.

In her career, Roberts also served as the image ambassador of Tous, Finishing Touch, and Neutrogena. It is a promotional star of Hugo Boss, Bergdorf Goodman, Levi’s and Fred, and has worked with BautBar a jewelry series. She is also the top star in the fashion industry, attending Met Gala, and appeared in the front row of brands such as Vuitton, Coach, Kate Spade New York, Lanvin and Chloé during the fashion month.

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