Savannah Chrisley’s life is star -studded. From the beauty pageant to the reality show, the lifelong lifestyle of Miss Tennessee was transformed into her wardrobe.

As the daughter of Todd and Julharisley, Sagana was born in a millionaire family. The family won its reality show “Christley Knows Best” in 2014. In addition to her ongoing reality show, Savannah is also known for her work in the “Sharknado” series and her impeccable style.

While sweating in Miami in May 2022, Chrisley was wearing sportswear, including elegant white tennis skirts, Alo Yoga hats and purple vests. The real -life star wearing a “TechLoom Breeze” APL bright neon orange sports shoes, which is very suitable for her exercise.

In 2020, Chrisley was wearing red and black suit jackets with shorts and silk lace camisole in E! New’s “Daily Pop”. Leisure business style with lace black sandals high heels.

The charming Chrisley dressed in the local mermaid dress attended the 52nd Rural Conservatory of Music in Las Vegas. This dress is designed with a transparent panel and geometric hollow. Her heel was hidden.

During the 2017 New York Fashion Week, the Nicole Miller show, the fashion star designed a dazzling sleeveless mini skirt with decorative hem. Chrisley combined the shiny suit with pure black lace -up sandals.

Next, Chrisley participated in the 2014 Jingle Ball in Los Angeles, wearing a low -key lotus leaf long skirt, reflecting the popular fashion at the time. On her feet, the front beauty pageant put on black and ankle boots, decorated with triangular hollow and off -toed details.

In 2014, Chrisley attended the Summer News Tour of the Television Critics Association in Belle Villa, California, with a hollow design on the back of the summer flower mini skirt. On her feet, the actress wore a sky -high heel shoes, which gave Chrisley a great encouragement.

Chrisley’s beautiful pink clothing attended the NBCUNIVIVERSAL Cable Entertainment UPFRONTS held in New York. She was wearing a pink sleeveless mini dress to inject vitality into the main event in 2014. As for the shoe, the actress is wearing a nude off -toed high heel and a popular pink with the soles of the shoe.

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