Salma Hayek jumped over the 2023 critic selection of the award tonight, but she expressed her support for the actors and staff of the “Boots: The Last Wishes” actor and staff on Instagram. The film was nominated as the best animated film last year.

Hayek released a photo with the movie director Joel Crawford and several other artists, wearing fashionable clothes. She wore a fitting black tight dress without any jewelry, which kept it simple, but carried a classic black handbag.


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Her charm is shiny hairstyle and natural makeup. The actress usually cooperates with the celebrity stylist Rebecca Corbin-Murray to wear the 1920 style crystal dresses on the red carpet on the red carpet last week.

Although she can’t see her shoes, she may be paired with fine heels to match the elegance of skirts. High heels have eternal beauty, which is an ideal match for any dress. This “Frida” star has a variety of shoe styles, from thick bottom boots to sneakers. One thing about this star, she wants to bring it to the shoe part.

On the eve of the New Year, Hayek sat down with Jimmy Falun in the “Tonight Show” show to talk about her pet owl, her obsessed with the World Cup, and her movie “The cat wearing a boots: the last wish: the last wish of the cat in Bangelas “”.

In 2023, the critics selected awards to recognize the achievements of film production and TV shows selected by more than 600 members of the association by critics. This year, Chelsea Handler will host a star -studded event at the Felmond Century Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles. Austin Butler, Cate Blanchett, Viola Davis, Ke Huy Quan, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tom Cruise, and Janelle Monae are expected to attend this event.


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