Katy Perry visited a physical store of Boisson, a bartender chain with branches with branches in Los Angeles and New York to help promote her non -alcoholic appetizer brand de SOI. “Have you encountered the latest @Boisson.sips sales assistant?” Boisson wrote on their Instagram.

The “fireworks” singer wearing gorgeous, showing the dust removal and reorganization display in the video.

The first shot was Perry wearing artificial woolen trench coat and carrying a tan bag. In the next scene, the popular figure is dressed in a gray -brown tattoo knitted suit designed by Nanushka, including long -sleeved zipper cardigan and supporting high waist pants.


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As far as shoes are concerned, Perry is wearing a pair of black leather dew Mueller shoes and fine heels. Mueller shoes are a kind of off -back shoes, and there are no types of bands or restraints on the heel. Shoes style is most often considered to be closed, although it can also be the outline of dew -toe shoes, there is a thick belt on the top of the feet.

This kind of shoe variety reappeared in the 1950s, and stars like Marilyn Monroe like this style -especially the newer open -toed style. Mueller shoes have been popular among all fashion types in the 2010s. This style can have a variety of heel heights. Sental Mueller shoes are usually designed with flat bottom, while open -toe Mueller shoes usually use high heels.

In terms of shoes, the “HOT N ‘Cold” singer often chooses bold and fashionable styles to coordinate with her performance and event ensemble. Perry has previously wore pointed high heels, flat shoes and Mueller shoes of brands such as Louis Vuitton, Patta, and Mano Roblane. At get off work, the star prefers the comfortable sneakers and slippers of Adidas and Birkenstock. She also wore her Katy Perry Collection shoes series, including a personality sandals with shiny decoration and bold colors, high -heeled shoes and peace shoes -she recently launched these shoes after repurchase in 2022.


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