Marissa Mowry-Lawrence provided support for her husband’s husband Jacksonville America Trevor Lawrence in the playoffs against the Los Angeles lightning team today, and she put on tight clothes pants. The American Tigers won 31-30.

As she saw on Instagram, Marissa wore a full black long -sleeved tights to attend the competition. This dress has a deep V -neckline. The neckline makes the overall movement, and at the same time adds a simple and exquisite sense.


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In terms of accessories, Trefa Lawrence’s wife wore a gold necklace, a gold bracelet, several rings and a diamond ring. As for her hair, the native Georgians chose to let her hair hang down with a soft beach wave.

Lawrence (Lawrence) with her bold shape with eye -catching white patent leather and knee boots, the boots adopt a pointed design with a strong structure. Fashionable style is accompanied by 3 to 4 inches heels. These shoes have a delicate seam that extends to the middle, attracting attention.

And knee boots are usually necessary items for cold months, but it turns out that it is a versatile item throughout the year. For Lawrence, they added a hint of charm to her sports suit. Many boots with high knees or thighs are simple, but they usually become personalized items for any clothing. The heels of the boots are usually 4 inches or more to increase the height.

Lawrence usually chooses shoes from fashion to practicality. Usually wearing lace -up high heels when going out at a special night, or wearing classic white sneakers on the days when they go out with their husbands. Lawrence also chose other white boots, which may be one of her favorite styles. Maybe they were lucky, and the Jackson Veilian Tigers did win the competition and advanced to partitions.


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