Lori Harvey is wearing a black YSL lace -up high -heeled shoes and hollowed out dress boldly celebrating the birthday of Friday night. Lori Harvey, one of the hottest restaurants in Western Hollywood Lavo Ristorante, wore superb black clothing to celebrate her 26 years old. Birthday, spending her best life.

The social name is wearing a black mid -length dress with asymmetric skirt. Two hollow design cleverly placed on the chest, the other on the shoulder, from The Attico. Harvey designed a minimalist style for LBD with a pair of diamond earrings and a gold Cartier Panthère ring. In order to make the shape more rounded, Harvey combines this skirt with the Gloria sandals of YSL. In addition to crossing the straps on Harvey’s toes, high -heeled sandals are layered with black satin layers, and rectangular rhinestones are inlaid. This pair of shoes suitable for party girls currently on the YSL website is $ 1,190.

Harvey, Hayley Bieber, Lizo, and her new boyfriend British actor Damson Idris celebrated this night. When Harvey appeared in the Instagram story of Idris, the two became official members of Instagram, and the actor added the title “Happy Birthday of Nunu” to the post.

Harvey is one of the largest IT-Girls in the fashion/beauty industry, and you can definitely see her status through her shoe cabinet. The entrepreneur’s shoe choice range from large -scale sports shoes brands such as Yeezy and Nike to Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Dolce & Gabbana and many other brands of high -heeled shoes. Harvey’s cooperation with LH skin care brand SKN and brands such as Sephora and Pretty Little Thing, fame in the fashion and beauty industry.

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