The trip to London in Priyanka Chopra may be accompanied by gloomy weather -as she described in Instagram’s story -however, this did not stop the actor from participating in her limited edition of her and MAX The UNIVERSAL Color series will meet vibrant fabrics and fluff leisure boots.

On January 10, fans were waiting for her to come by Strand Superdrug, because she was wearing a luxurious midnight blue mid -length jacket and leather mid -length dress.

The deep V -neckline of the skirt is connected to the tights, and there are two silver waistband bracelets on the thick buckle belt. Once she took off her jacket and showed off her short sleeves of the skirt avant -garde, a long skirt hanging below her knees made her look more perfect.

Her hair was curled up, and her eye makeup and nails complemented her blue clothes. In her Instagram story, Jopla emphasized that “Star Night” is the blue shadow on her eyelids, and “golden dust” is a mixed color on her lips.

Jopra chose a pair of suede pointed leisure boots to highlight the lotus leaf edge of the skirt. These boots are characterized by smooth and narrow heels to ensure its high support of 3 to 4 inches. Next is a pair of exaggerated beige pointed knee boots. Chopra coordinated the camel with monochrome knitted sweater and fluffy leather hat.

The actor not only used her boots to reach the pointed accent, but also used her sandals to choose. In October, she showed flower patterns in New York City, with orange and pink pencil skirts, and orange Paris Texas 4 inch Mueller shoes covered by Swarovski Crystal.

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