HBO MAX shares the first episode of “The Last Survivor” to provide behind -the -scenes tidbits for the first episode.

HBO MAX is providing fans with the opportunity to visit the first episode of the “Last Survivor” series of “Last Survivors”.

In the five -minute long film, the show host and video game creator Neil Druckerman, show host Craig Mazin and actor Pedro Pascar (Joel), Nico Parker ( Sarah), Mel Denmid (Marin), Bella Ramzi (Eli) discussed the creation of the first episode, and the relationship between the characters appearing in the entire series.

The first episode of “The Last Survivor” has received unanimous praise from the critics and fans, and many people praise the pilots’ faithfulness of the original materials and the acting skills of related personnel.

Watch the topics above. The new episode of “The Last Survivor” premiered on HBO MAX every Sunday.

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