ADDISON RAE experienced the moment of Marilyn Monroe on the way to Los Angeles last night.

Rae is wearing a white suspender skirt and a thick bottom skirt. This suit seems to inadvertently imitate the shape wearing Monroe’s aspicible subway furnace drainage scene in the “Seven Years Ich”.

RAE’s dress is to welcome an interesting night. It consists of a slender skirt and a tight corset with a tight -fitting corset with lettuce. There is a geometric hollow below the neckline. This lively dress is simply paired with a flower pendant necklace to create a comprehensive simple appearance.

The TIKTOK star combed her long brown hair into a hairstyle of half a half, leaving some positive parts to set off her facial features. Her makeup is just like her whole, it is very simple, but it is very impactful. The focus is on peach tone, and it is embellished with a very bold red lips.

RAE raised herself to a new height. She wore a pair of bold white dew toes thick -soled high -heeled shoes, adding an important color to the 22 -year -old fashionistan’s shape. This pair of thick -soled shoes is characterized by thick soles, thick bands, round heads and high height of about 5 inches.

The trend of thick bottom shoes is one of the most likely to integrate any wardrobe. It is one of the most popular shoes and can be found in various colorful styles of top brands such as Gucci, Valentino and Burberry.

RAE’s personal style is usually very casual, often including sports pants, pajamas, leggings and sweatshirts. She usually buys sports shoes, including Reebok, Nike, and Converse. When you dress, you can see Rae wearing color Muller and high heels of Saint Laurent, Kat Maconie, Roberto Cavalli and other top brands. However, she is no stranger to economic affordable styles, and wearing cheap brands such as Vince Camuto and ALDO Imagine.

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